Salad Time.


I tend to take experiments to far or maybe not far enough.  Some days I post pictures into the POD album that are experiments for other projects.  One of these projects is fabric design. As a side note the fabric design also leads into me creating custom backgrounds for my constructive art pieces as well.  This is exactly how salads work.  You toss in all the different colors of food that lead to  well balanced meal.  So this picture is 3 paintings that I did, photographed and then edited and merged together. 

I did these paintings over this past weekend.  I still have paint on my hands today.  The thing about spray paint is that it is harder to get off of everything than any other paint I have encountered yet.  I am pretty sure that when my roommates come home after a weekend away they are never surprised to see new things hanging on the walls or new areas of the house that have been accented, if you will.  Accented with flying paint. 


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