Sour Watermelon slices and the art of doing what you love.


Doing what you love is reward enough.  Its funny then that doing what you love pays off in ways you never expect.  In fact if you are doing it right it pays off over and over and over.  A few days ago a co-worker brought his baby to work.  To put it mildly he says “my baby is so cute it gives me chest pain”.  His baby IS that cute and photogenic to boot.

Me being me, I had my camera with me that day just as I do almost everyday.  I have it with me because of the POD and because it is what I love to do.  So I took pictures.  One was going to be a black and white.  I played with that picture in three different programs.  I wanted it just right.  Doing what you love means doing it just right.

I sent him the pictures on Facebook and asked if I could use one for the POD.  He said sure.  Today he came in and told me how much he and his wife loved the black and white.  He brought me watermelon candy from Sour Patch.  Then he said can I just keep bribing you with these for more pictures?

Now here is the thing.  Around here those watermelon slices are terribly hard to find. I love them to the point of addiction.  All the time I spend looking for them and he just finds them!  So by doing what I love this is what happens.

If I really look at it, this happens all of the time.  My art and quest for the POD keeps paying off in ways I can’t possible pay back.  The only way I can pay it back is to keep it going.  Do what I love, do what I love right and then keep doing it.


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