Blurred Lines


Life is blurred lines.  Right, wrong or is it Robin Hood?  My constructed works require that I blur lines even more.  I mean this literally and figuratively. The more I construct the softer the images gets.  The more rules you give me the more rules I will break. Baring breaking the law (excluding minor trespassing, which I have to exclude given that I was recently reprimanded by local police for this) I have not met a rule I did not enjoy breaking.  The lines around rules have always been blurry.  I think in art the blur should be completely removed to create no limits.  Software, hardware, rules and especially personal limitations have no place where I dwell.  My personal motto is do no harm.  My Buddhist beliefs dictate that I live by that. Those beliefs actually accent the prior thoughts.

My challenge to you, the reader, is why does this picture represent what I just wrote?

It is rare that I play around to this degree for the POD picture.  Today’s pictures were just not fruitful so I took the dullest one and made it fruitful.  As a side note, what photographer has not trespassed? I mean really, it is sorta a right of passage for us right?


One thought on “Blurred Lines

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