Failure is not an option that happens anyway.


I love to play in puddles.  There is nothing more soul rejuvenating.  So it is natural, for me, to want to capture this idea in a picture.  Yesterday’s picture was a failure.  It was made even more disappointing to me now that I am doing the blog.  The idea is to impress people.  The idea is not to post a failure picture on day 4 or 5.

It happens. Life is about all those failures that push you to be better.  On the upside of this, I had so much fun playing in those puddles.  Maybe that is the point of this picture.  A reminder to have fun and find enjoyment that comes not from being behind the camera.  There is a point were seeing things with your own eyes, experiencing the adventure just for yourself and rejoicing in life is more important that finding the perfect image for that moment.


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