Rubber, carts and art of creepy


The movie Rubber is so strange. This tire is inanimate until the day it suddenly comes alive.  This tire finds it has the ability to destroy anything it wishes.  To say the movie is disturbingly deep while being shallow.  You have to be a certain kind of strange to like this movie.

Liking the movie or not for me is irrelevant.  Rubber stuck with me.  Childhood memories tell me that jumping through tires, swings made of tire and playgrounds with tires are amazing.  It is just like childhood tells me that carts at the store are an adventure. To create anything that challenges a person’s views on anything is awesome.

Sometime ago I decided I wanted a picture that was creepy.  Believe me when I say I was not thinking about Rubber when I decided this.  This is the impact of Rubber that I never went looking for.

This cart, sitting alone at night at the end of a parking lot, gave me what I was looking for. After I posted it on Facebook I realized that cart looks like it could come to life, roll backwards, whip around and go and attack poor innocent cars.


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