Genuine Happiness Starts with a Little Rebellion





Back in high school I was not a model student.  That is where the 2nd stage of my and photography came about though.  That I excelled at.  Graphic Arts in general were the only class I liked.  I never skipped that class. 

This couple went to the same school and was in the same social crowd as I.  It is funny to me that after all these years since then in many ways we have excelled more than many of our peers. Genuine happiness starts with a little rebellion I think.

You learn many things through rebellion.  I also have to say that even in rebellion back then we managed to hold down jobs, get the things we wanted and learn more about the real world.  Those lessons carry on for me.  I barely graduated High School.  To this day people who I catch up that were not in the “burnout” crowd are surprised every time when I tell them where I am at in life.  My “burnout” friends never are. 


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