The Zone and Squeels of Delight.


There are moments in my life that I am not covered in paint or burrs from treking around for the perfect material for pictures. It is rare.  But every once in awhile I do like to get my girlie on.   A cute little purse is a necessity for my travels.  It does not get in the way yet holds the car keys and other important things.  It has to be just the right size.  Without this unimportant things like the keys would be lost when I get into a zone taking pictures.  It is no secret to many who know me that I can just zone out at any given moment.  I get on a artistic mission and bam.  I am gone until I return.  Things like food, water, sleep and other important things become useless to me.  I have been known to even put coffee on the back burner.  This is the true test of how far gone I am into that zone.  Even just talking about that zone it is tempting to forget where I was going with this blog today.  I love being in the zone.  Some artist do not find that zone easy.  For me it is to easy to get into a zone.  I have to work at staying grounded.  Err .. where was I? So Imagine a purse that is the exact right size AND has a camera on it.  Insert squeel of delight here. 


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