Markers and Internal Conflicts


Some pictures that show up in the POD are marker pictures.  By publically posting these markers I can keep myself motivated and honest. This is sort of a diagram of a darkroom.  I want to set one up for mixed media purposes.  I also miss the darkroom.  Yes digital is a better reality.  The darkroom was so soothing.  Back in my younger years I thought of the darkroom as a big hug.  You walk into it and are surrounded by it.  Just like you can walk into a hug and be surrounded by it.

Now here I am getting set to do this.  It has brought about challenges that I had not expected.  I am used to working (with my job) with federal, state and local entities. These dealings are always highly political.  With the darkroom I have a few choices open to me.  I can do the darkroom within cooperative.  I can do the darkroom in my basement.  It feels greedy to me to do it in my basement where it will be just me benefiting me.  It seems that cooperatives are highly political in their own right.  I think I did not expect that. In governmental bodies everyone is there with a specific common goal.  This is not always the case with a cooperative.  It is not a specific goal.  It is a general goal.

I tend to be, as I have said in the past, instant gratification girl.  This process could be done in just a few short days.  Working within a cooperative means a reasonable goal might be the end of the year. So here we are.  I have two completely opposing parts of myself at war with each other. Do I need to learn to work better with a cooperative or do I put the needs of my art (and instant gratification) at the forefront?

All the while, getting this started with a marker picture.  Yikes.  Something that many people know about me is that once I set my mind towards something it happens.  It normally happens faster than what I say it will. Markers create a drive in me that I can’t effectively put into words. I knew early on yesterday as I tried to get some balls rolling that there were conflicts on a few levels with this.  The path of least resistance is a pretty path.  It is also a well-traveled path.  Now what?


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