Bonnie Tyler and Faster than the Speed of Night


Some days I post another picture or two into an album on Facebook entitled “Because I can post more than one pic a day if I want to”.  Yesterday was a day like that.  I had a hard time choosing.  I choose wrong.  I completely switched up what should have been the POD vs. the other album.  It’s of little consequence because I can do what I want and so both got posted. (Insert the inevitable But… here)  It seems to me that choosing wrong is not honoring the pictures the way they should be. The main picture in the blog posting is the one I should have picked.  The picture at the end is the one I choose. 

Faster than the speed of night
Faster than the speed of night
It’s all we ever wanted
And all we’ll ever need
And it’s slipping through our fingers
Faster than the speed of night

~ Bonnie Tyler

What more can I say about this picture that Bonnie Tyler didn’t say?  I will happily add this:  Music is a must for me.  If I can look at any art and feel the beat to the work I am in love with that piece of art.  Most of my art work is created while listening to music.  The other picture was a pretty little scene. It did not make me want to jump up and sing as the other did.

Go on with your day and find what makes you sing!



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