Frome Fear Comes Euphoria


I have two scary topics today.  I am cleaning up my hard drive messes. You know the messes any photographer swears they will not have but do.  Two hard drives are full.  My perfect organizational method worked about half the time.  Woohoo!  That is better than the last time. 

I am also starting a new series for my constructive art.  The series is about my journey in an emotionally abusive relationship.  I am going to call it And then I Survived.  My first series of constructive art is called And then I felt.  I feel that series is complete and that I am ready to move to the next.

I believe it is awesome that I have two things going for me.  My sister who owns a personal photo consulting business (Pixologie, she also has a blog that goes into the importance of pictures and memories) is going to help me and I did survive.

Today’s picture is perfecto! It’s the start to the next piece in the series and has a dark and scary path. Fear and darkness is what held me back in that relationship and fear is what held me back in fixing my picture mess.  Any photographer who has had this happen knows it’s a scary thing.

It really does not matter how deep the fear runs or how shallow it is.  Fear still holds people back.  Fear on any level needs to be faced. After you face it you will suddenly feel this euphoria of freedom. 



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