The power, beauty and destruction of nature


Nature.  Nature is the best artist.  A day with no nature is a day without oxygen for me.  So many artists claim their inspiration is nature. I can’t imagine a better inspiration. Every mood, moment and adventure is captured somehow by nature.  Nature is the best story teller, creator, painter and magician.

Yesterday I was a bit under the weather.   It was the kind of under the weather that makes you want to crawl under the blankets and sleep.  Then this creepy storm came along.  It saddens me to say that it led to two towns being destroyed in Illinois, several people died and more are missing.  I did not know those details at the time I took this picture.  I was compelled to go out during a break of the storm and get at least a few shots.  This was my favorite of the day.  I would gladly give back this picture to change the events that transpired.  I will gladly bow down to nature in awe and be saddened for what others lost yesterday.


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