When all else fails toys help!


Hospitals have, in bad situations, only one redeeming quality.  This toy.  I can’t help but feel just a tad better in a bad situation at a hospital when I see this wonderment.  Being born with a cleft lip meant a good number of hospital stays for me.  Several things got me through them with a smile.  The two top things to get me through those stays was this toy and All Dogs Go to Heaven. 

The difference as an adult it that now instead of playing with it I take picture of it first.  Apparently, the people who work at this hospital found that to be odd.  I was told that I was getting a few odd looks while taking it.  Either way it helped.  I felt just a bit happier.  This is exactly why I still believe that finger painting is good for the soul. 

On a very happy note, all hospital issues are resolved. 


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