There are moments in life where the POD is very difficult to do.  Chaos ensues and the POD suffers.  That has been my last week.  Chaos leads to simplistic pictures like this one.  It reminds me of Boggle.  The reality is that when this happens I feel I have to pump it up the next week or so.  It is my own personal competiveness.  I compete with myself.  When I lose at a game I have to do better next time.   When I feel that the POD has suffered I have to do better.

This philosophy, while being hard on myself, provides me with fuel.  Let’s face it if you have ever tried to do something like I am doing you understand there is no way in any world with any color sky that it will be excellent every day.   That is a hard pill for me to swallow.  I want to rage at the world that the impossible is not possible.  I want to prove that in the end it is possible if you look at the works as a whole rather than an individual work. 

I am off now to plot my adventures for the next week.  When, where and how will I find the pictures that make up for the last few days?  Let the adventure begin!  If you are in the Wisconsin area and have any ideas, by all means help a girl out!


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