Pushing the Limits


This picture was shot at 4pm. I was out during good light still with the thought that I would like to push my cameras limits.  I would even classify it as one of my experimental pictures.  I like finding ways to force the camera to take a picture in a way it is not intended.  This picture had ISO, exposure time and the image overlay (in camera) used.  It created a picture that looked like twilight but was not.  In my constructive art works it is often necessary to push the camera to do things that are not in any book, manual or course of study.  I do this to get different looks.  Then I post the experiments on the POD and see how people take it.

This picture was commented on only one or two times.  I was told it would make a great horror story picture.  I was not going for that look.  I did not think I achieved the look I was going for and I did prove that with the comments.  This is exactly why artists have to push the limits.  To see what we can achieve and how it is perceived.  My intent is only half the battle.  The viewer’s perception is the other and more important half.


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