I want to be closed for the Season!


Closed for the season does not mean the fun ends.  It just means there is no place to make a contained mess.  At least in this picture that is true.  The crazy Milwaukee fishing people are still out.  They just do not have a place to do the after fishing things.  So here they are in the 20 degree weather fishing.  It does not matter that the fishing area for cleaning fish is closed.  Nothing is stopping these guys.  Not even the cold that is so cold that you have icicles hanging from the face! 

These guys embrace it.  They would never miss their time fishing.  I am going to take their mentality to shooting pictures this “closed for the season”.  I believe that they actually enjoy this time of year better. In my mind they are saying I am a true fisher(person) because I will withstand the cold closed season.

Who am I to not embrace this.  Who am I to not love shooting in the freezing cold?  Who am I to not enjoy this part of nature?  Yes, it can be said that I am the girl that is always cold.  Does that not just give me more reason to have more coffee?  This “closed” season I want to embrace the cold, embrace the icy conditions and the whipping wind.  I want to capture that “closed” season.

I have completely set myself up now.  I have told anyone willing to listen that I am going to be closed for the season!


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