Does it matter how it is created?


I have an internal battle going on.  This battle is caused by the external world.  What makes something art?  Is it the medium, the materials, the voice or some other un-nameable thing?

I am by no means calling today’s blog pic art.  It was a photo, then it was a cartoon and now it is more of a sketch.  It started out as a photo.    What if Monet started with a picture?  Would that make his work less artistic?  Would the tools of his trade make him less of an artist if he used a camera first?  Let’s skip ahead to Ansel Adams.  Would his pictures be as dramatic and telling if they had been drawn with charcoals?

I experiment quite a bit in my art works.  My POD is a way to get a feel for how people react to different uses of the tools I have.  Because I tend to experiment I have a different view of tools.  My cameras, my computer, my Wacom tablet and my software library are all tools.  Just as a palate, paintbrushes, bronze and wood are tools to someone else.  I even incorporate tools of other disciplines into my work.

So here is the battle:  Why would anyone consider the tool when deciding what is art? Why am I considering this?  Does it really make a difference?


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