Personal Attachments and Infrared Photography


I was out experimenting with two ideas I had on ways to achieve IR photography in a different way.  There are a few things about IR that I want to see happen.  Namely, the goal was, achieving color by working on white balance.  My experiments did not fail.  They did not succeed completely either.  I could see an improvement and did get some more ideas on how to reach my goal.  I had a few pictures that I liked though. It was not easy to choose just one. 

In the end I choose the one with picnic tables in it.  It reminds me of someone I have known for a long time.  It is not the best picture of the day but it is the one evokes the personal attachment in me.  We all look at pictures/images and get something out of them.  They are made more because we take something out of them.  Without that personal touch of the viewer it is not a complete piece.  As an artist, I find that it is important to remind myself that the viewer completes the story, even when I am the viewer. 


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