Sybolism and Garbage Cans


Symbolism and Garbage Cans

For the past few years I have taken pictures of garbage cans.  I find something inviting about them.  My entire life I have believed in symbolism.  It shows up heavily in my art.  I am now just realizing that is shows up in my photography.  (Oh duh moment number 1)

Symbolism is a great way to convey a message.  Today for the first time I asked myself why garbage cans? It turns out that garbage cans mean that one has unwanted thoughts and ideas that they need to let go of.  In other words, throw out the garbage.  (Oh duh moment number 2)

Jump ahead to my ride to work this morning.  I was listening Linkin Park, A Thousand Suns, CD.  The first song that played was Iridescent.

And I quote

“Remember all the sadness and frustration
And let it go. Let it go”

Now let’s talk about boats.  Boats symbolically are about a journey or path one is taking.  I saw something today I have never seen before.  I saw a big large huge boat go in circles.  (Oh duh moment number 3, circles me? Never).  I watch for these boats.  I live right along Lake Michigan.  I love these boats.  I see them at least 2-3 times a week.  I have never seen a boat go in circles.  It was right on the horizon line, larger than life, going in Circles and right on the verge of the horizon. (Oh duh moment number 4 coming like a freight train right at me)

I have not thrown out the garbage, I have not let it go, I have not listened to my own beliefs on symbolism and so I have gone in circles regarding romantic relationships.  I am at the brink of the horizon in getting over it.

Talk about a bitch slap to the face from symbolism.  (insert smiley here as I consider this progress)


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