Selfies of the artistic kind


I always thought that self-portraits of the artistic kind were odd.  The artist puts into an image something they feel represents themselves but not actually their physical body.  A better way of putting it was that I was uncomfortable with the idea of doing a selfie of the artistic kind.

If I am going to go all the way with that thought I would say I was uncomfortable with representing myself and there for uncomfortable with myself somehow.   I think people are an evolution.  No one is ever really the same exact person as they were a week ago.  In some cases they are not the same person as they were a day ago.

To me, this means that any selfie of the artistic kind could quickly become dated.  I have an aversion to dated.  I live in the now, not the past and not the future, especially not the past.  

I have taken to heart the idea of being in the winter moment, which resulted in a few epiphanies.  As a result of that I am working on “that” selfie.   This POD picture is constructed and is the beginning of that selfie.  More work has gone into it already. So it looks dramatically different than it did before.  The trees in this work are from a blistering cold day earlier this week.  The background is a painting I did.  The face well that is another story entirely.

I suspect that when I am done I will need a good strong drink.  I am facing this image far more cautiously than most images I create.   It is almost like I am getting to know myself through it.  Gads that statement is deep sounding.    I think in the end I will title it Complete.  I really do feel more complete now than I did a week ago.  Yet another surprising thing the POD has taught me.  All because I said I was going to embrace winter.


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