Turkey Day! Things to be thankful for, the QZX and Y list.



It is turkey day.   A day we should all be thankful for things.  I am going to go with NOT the rstln e list.  We all know the given things to be thankful for. I am thankful for my family friends and the life I have.  I would say, though, on a day like today we should consider the little things, you know the qzx and y list.

I will start with the Smurfs.  I am thankful for those things that remind me of my childhood and the happy innocent times they are.  Those things get me through the tough times of today.  We did after all learn everything we needed to know in kindergarten.

I am thankful for being able to come home to house that is not empty.  It once was.  It is especially nice on cold winter days to come home to a house that is warm because it is once again a home. 

I am thankful that my demonic doggy has the personality she has.  There are days she just knows I need her to be a brat to make me laugh.

I am thankful that there are people out there who care about what seeing my POD every day and enjoying the new blog. Without the blog I would not have gotten the series of pictures that lead to the picture in today’s blog. 

Interestingly enough if I look quick at the picture I see mushrooms, which reminds me of Smurfs. But then I see the beauty of nature for which I am thankful.  Then I see the POD picture that 15 people liked on Facebook, for which I am grateful.  I would not have had that POD picture had it not been for the beauty of nature on a cold gusty day. (I might add that I did get sprayed with freezing water; however I am not sure I am grateful for that).  All in all that gets me to the blog which has followers.  I had a goal of 10 followers in the first month.  I am over 30 followers and yes I am thankful and excited about that. I am typing this all out in the warmth of my house that is a home once again with my demonic doggy sitting nicely on my lap.  I think she knows this is not the moment to be the brat.  Given that the alternative is her chewing on me I am grateful.

It is not my intent to minimize the big things I am so thankful for.  It is my intent to say the little things are huge too.  If we look around us, I mean really look; we can find in one moment so much to be grateful for every day.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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