Some People are Nuts.



I have been very lucky in meeting people the last several years that are absolutely crazy.  It is amazing.  Yesterday is a good example of this.  In one day I saw 500 Santas on bikes doing a bar crawl.  They ended up at Kochancki’s Concertina Hall in Milwaukee.

Yes that is right 500 Santas parked their bikes (some in trees) went in and did a polka or 5. 

Immediately after that the owner cleaned up and got ready for the end of Movember.  It is an event called the Mustachio Bashio.  Men and women alike came in sporting mustaches.

I am not really sure I can add much to this.  It was ridiculous to pick out a picture of the day.  I went with one that from the end of the day.  There is no way to sum up the craziness of the day.  Or the good the craziness did.   For anyone to seize these moments as they did is awesome.  On top of that plenty of people came together to help out for these events.  It takes a lot of people having each other’s back to accomplish this.

I am very luck to say I have people who literally have my back.  I also consider myself lucky to be one of the people who helped out at these events.  It is a give and take world.  Yesterday was giving and taking of a ton of holiday spirit.  Pure amazingness.  What is does for my soul is beyond words.  That kind of spirit is infectious. 


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