You can’t skate where the buffalo roam!


You can however stomp around in the mud get a little messy and smell some awful things while getting the shot.  I suspect that roller skating would be just as much fun.  It would result in a dirty lens however.

Speaking of dirty lenses, mine was dirty before this shot.  Speaking of lenses I was having a lens crisis before this shot.  Cleaning the lens worked out really well since my Dad is always more prepared than I am on a photography front.  (Side note:  He is my favorite person to shoot with.)  He had the cleaning supplies. 

The other thing that I get from shooting with my Dad is time. Time with him, time to relax and time to really fix things that have been bugging me about my camera are some of the kinds of time I get.  This leads me to my lens crisis.  I had noticed that my zoom lens was not getting the sharpness that I needed with the art images. When shooting with my Dad I am never in a rush.  So I take the time and fiddle around with the camera settings when needed.   I managed to fix my lens crisis.  I was able to set up a preset that allowed for digital sharpening in camera.  Normally I would be somewhat against this type of sharpening.  It’s not horrible hard for a good photographer to get sharp pictures.  The art images have a different set of guidelines for me.  It worked and I was elated.

All in all other than the horrific smell where the buffalos roam it was everything time spent with your Dad should be. On top of that it reminds me that if it were not for him I might not be a photographer today.  It all started when I was little and he took a photo class.  Occasionally I would go with him when he went on photo walks.


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