My Dad Inspires Me!


My Dad recently was accepted into the Cope 7th Annual Midwest Juried show here in Milwaukee.  This led to a wonderful date with my Dad.  We had dinner and went to the reception.  This of course had to be my POD picture of the day.

I could talk about all the things that could hold him back.  That would be pointless.  I would rather talk about all the ways he is ALIVE.  He is walking inspiration.  You want it go for it.  Let nothing stop you. Need to learn about it, get a book or five or just do it.  All my life he has brought new and interesting things to my world.  Even photography started with him (and metal detecting, BBQ competitions, Hunter Safety, birds, flowers, the dreaded coin collecting era, the banjo and so much more)  He and my mother have played a huge roll in where I am today.

He shot the picture in Door County, WI.  This picture touches the hearts of people because of the local connections people have with the man the boat was named after. It shows you that every person’s eye is a bit different and tugs at people differently.  It does not take anything but the will to do, as he has, to get to the point where  a simple hobby is so much more.  I am proud to be his daughter.  The laughs we have, the time we share and how much he inspires and supports me is amazing.

To top all that off, I owe him my love of whiskey and fine cigars!  How lucky can a girl get?


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