Body Language!



I love being in the zone.  It is that creative place where everything else is just gone.  All that matters is what is being created.   You really have to give yourself over to being in the zone. You can’t force it. It should be just natural to slip into that place. Once you are in the zone the possibilities are endless and the body language is hysterical, to the outside viewer.

My roommates laugh at it frequently.  Both of them have made references to the boggly eyes.  When I am in the zone behind my computer mashing pictures together my eyes move freaky rapidly. 

Once you are familiar with that zone you can become more aware of that body language.  What I have learned from observing myself while in the zone is that I have different body language for different areas of the creative zone. The best work is created in the zone.  It is important to recognize when you are in the zone.  Body language is one my best indicators.  I can be aware of my body without interfering with my creative process.

I have to say that the zone is rather easy for me.  I believe it is partially a meditative state or somewhat similar to a dream state.  Each of those areas is controllable once you let yourself go into them.  It is the same with the zone for me.

So here I am doing a photo run yesterday.  This is the picture that made me bite my lower lip and stick out my tongue at the same time.  Body language is hysterical to the outside viewer once again.

I find that this picture is a good visual for the zone as well.  The zone is on this side of the fence and everything on the other side is somewhat fuzzy.  I also feel that this picture described me very well yesterday.  It was a zone kind of day. It was also a day where I was trying to be focused and not distracted.  That was a tough battle for me yesterday.  I believe the pole through the middle symbolizes where I could have been easily distracted. 


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