My Little Demon that I Love!


This is my dog.  When I say dog what I really mean is my cat who thinks she is a big dog.  She is a bit crazy. She is the craziest dog that I have ever owned in fact.  Typically she likes to treat me like a chew toy.  Slowly she is getting trained.  She has one more month to be in the puppy stage.  I believe that on January 8th 2014 she will miraculously be sane.

When I was ready to add a new dog into my household I wanted a big dog.  I wanted a boxer.  I still want a boxer one day.  You might ask, how did I end up with an 8lb dog that looks nothing like a boxer?  This is what happened.  I went to the place that had the puppies.  They took her out for me to see. I thought she was cute, not big but cute.  The first thing she did is dive bomb into my purse and come out with my Nikon strap hanging over her head.  I was done. Done! 

She is one of my favorite shooting partners.  Put Remy in a car and magically she becomes a calm sane dog.  She will ride around in the car for hours with me.  She will go on photo walks endlessly with me.  This is also the dog that loves the cold.  The colder it is the more she wants to be outside.  Her loving the outside has proven a wonderful thing this year in the cold.  It is helping me to be out more in the cold.  She and I had a bunch of fun playing in the snow yesterday. I am very happy that she is unable to throw snowballs at me!


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