To be continued …..


As Promised ….

The beauty in black and white is unmistakable when it is handle right. If you have the right lines, shapes and contrast you can take something ordinary and make an extraordinary story out of it. My case in point is this ordinary sign.  If I look at just the sign I see a battered guard, it has scene battle. It is as if it is holding back all bad things from the house behind it.   Call it a Gandalf “You shall not pass!” if you will.  From those few lines watch how your imagination grows the story.  I do not have to add another word to it.  The shapes in this picture help you to draw conclusions, the contrast adds different moods. You might even find yourself asking different questions than what I suggest.  That is brilliant.

Photographers are supposed to tell a story.  Each picture is worth 1000 words.  So how many pictures could I write 1000 words for? Creative ability is creative ability.  Your medium is your medium.  What happens when you cross over and change the rules of it?  I think a challenge of mine on this blog is going to be to actually write the story for a picture here and there.  Can I expand my horizon? What will I learn from the challenge?


Writers have no easy task.  Plotting, planning and executing seem to me to be excruciating compared to taking a picture that tells a story.  I love that foresight that amazing writers have.  The battle seems to me to be the plotting and planning.  It all has to come together on a blank page or screen.

Now for the big leap.  In the art world it seems to me that photography gets lumped into two groups, decorative or political.  Writers do not.    I struggle with this concept.  The art world boxes creative types.  Self-destructive much?    I have a particular problem with my own work not fitting into a box.  I think that is magnificent.  I am for everything but the box.

I rage a bit against the idea that the medium defines the artist.  Photography is my medium.  It does not define what I create.  I do not fit in well with the photography art genre.  I also do not fit in to the painter group because my art uses only some painting and then it is photographed.  It makes me want to publish a short story work based on doing a story per picture, which of course would have paintings on each page surrounding the picture.  Do I really need another challenge?


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