Distortion and Alice in Wonderland




This picture is the start of me looking for distortions in ever day life. I love to manipulate images to be distorted.  However, I love making the camera do what the software does easier.  You might say I am a glutton for punishment.  I find that the camera does a more real job than software can. 

This image reminds me of the Alice in Wonderland theme.  The amount of distortion is dependent on the perspective.  I have to admit to making myself a bit dizzy getting this picture.  This picture at a quick glance does not hold much appeal.  If you really take the time to look at it though, it changes.   Nothing in the picture is safe from those distortions.

Another thing I like about this picture is that I think it really represents how I think.  There is never one line of thinking I take.  I look at odd angles and see clever things in those angles.  Here you have all kinds of odd angles at one time. 

That leads me to my final thought on this.  It may seem at times with the POD that I jump all over the place from one thing to the next.  The ridiculous thing is that it all comes together.  In fact just yesterday it came together artistically as if by magic.  Like Alice, I want to keep plowing towards whatever adventure is next not caring about how it might seem wrong.  So if my POD jumps around that is ok because like Alice in Wonderland that is what is getting me to where I need to be.


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