The Power of a Chocolate Root Beer Float


To say I can be stubborn is an understatement.  I am driven and I don’t always think about slowing down.  Pretty much I am on a mission in life and nothing is going to stop me.  I try very hard to feed my inner child.  At times even that turns into a mission. Okay, most times that turns into a mission. The best way to put it is that my drive goes too far.

Recently, I am trying to make some effort to change some things.  My thinking needed tweaking.  I am so very lucky to have an amazing person in my life that helps me out on that front.  Normal people in my life will simply say slow down.  He puts it differently.  He puts it in a way that makes me want to slow down a bit.  He makes me want indulge myself when he tells me I should. Better yet he makes me want to run right out and buy chocolate ice cream and root beer so that I can try this crazy thing, a chocolate root beer float.  It’s one of the ways he feeds his inner child. 

Now, I never felt lonely and I always fed my inner child before all of these changes. However,   when you let someone special all the way into your life (mostly because I let some past demons go) you learn things.  So this is what I have learned:  My inner child was getting fed a stale diet, it needed that chocolate root beer float.  While I was not lonely before I feel less alone now.  I can find a childish happiness in things that before seemed to be getting boring and dull.   Slowing down does not mean less productivity it actually means more fulfillment.  I am still getting everything done.  It’s a lesson I needed.  Coming from the person it did, well now, that just makes me want to take on few challenges with him.  And by a few challenges I mean ALL of them. 

And that is the power of a chocolate root beer float.  I say go find your chocolate root beer float and let the fun begin.  Right at this very moment I think my inner child is singing and dancing and dying to get back out there for those challenges and some POD fun.


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