Aliens are just easier.


As I am preparing for my upcoming show I am finding that there are a few parts of this that are unsettling.  I have several problems I am working with.

The first problem is I have a monochromatic problem.  When I am not fully letting the art just happen it comes out having two main colors.  When I am letting everything I have in me flow into the art it is very colorful and not monochromatic.  While this is good to know, it’s annoying.  Either I am not ready to create that piece or I am not giving over to the message.  I am blocking it somehow.

Secondly, I have to make a video of the “process” that will include video of me working.  (Insert scowl here) The idea of that is horrifying. I am not photogenic, we already talked about while working I look goofy with my body language AND it’s video! This weekend was the weekend I was going to plot out that video.  (Insert pained look here)

Lastly I want to expand my painting and drawing skills.  Do I need to do this? Probably not, although I think if I am going to talk about these things as a result of the show it would help.  I want to do this.  I can see how it can accent my constructive art work.  The only way to expand is to just do it and see what happens.

Maybe you can see why aliens are just easier.  I figured I could tackle two outta three with aliens.  I mean really two outta three ain’t bad.  Thank you Meatloaf, that was a valuable lesson.  These cute little guys are not monochromatic.  I forced myself to use color.  It involved a sharpie and paint. 

So now tell me why is it that I feel intimidated by this video still? 


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