That old building


I love this building.  It is in one of the nicer parks near Milwaukee.  In the past I have only taken pictures of the other side of the building.  It had a blue dog with a water bowl spray painted on it.  It was adorable.  The door it was painted on deteriorated and was replaced.  There went the dog with the bowl.  I was really sad when I found out it was gone.  If only I had one last chance to see it.

Sunday morning I woke up and there was the most ridiculous sunrise I had seen in a while.  Ribbons of blue and red shot through the sky.  I was already behind the ball on getting out to shoot it.  I tried though.  I got me and Remy outta the house and in the car within 5 minutes.  The blues in the sky reminded me of that dog.  It was like an exact match.

I drove over to this spot not expecting to see anything that captured my attention.  The sunrise was vanishing before my eyes.   The old photographer’s adage is to always look behind you.  I did that and here was this building from a very different angle then I had ever shot it before.  For as blue, pink and red as the sunrise was everything behind me was cast in a golden hue. 

It never hurts to photograph things over and over.  I never hurt to revisit places.  Every single day anything can look somehow different from the day or week before.  Or at the very least they have the possibility of looking different if you can envision it.


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