Pool and Light



I really do not like being in bright rooms, bright day light or any bright situation to begin with.  My office lights are rarely on.  I get teased for this constantly.  At my regular job my boss and employees will regularly mess with me by turning the lights on.  It drives almost as batty as people calling me Rose. 

This can become a problem for me when shooting.  Especially indoors this aversion of mine creates challenges.  My indoor still pictures all lack light.  I have to work at finding ways to create light where there is none.  Shiny objects reflect light.  I actually messed around awhile with this picture because I wanted to capture the most amount of shine without overwhelming the picture.  This practice helps me to go out into the real world and have a better idea of angles.

Angles like this are a complicated thing for me.  Imagine that light is just a game of pool.  It, light, bounces off things turns directions and eventually stops, just like a pool ball. Pool is evil.  No wait, me playing pool is evil.  Playing pool for me is a game of survival for everyone else, literally.  It is bad.  Balls go flying not rolling, angles are lost, and everyone is scared and traumatized by me.   This essentially describes how well I handle light as well.  It is a weakness in my photographic skills. 

While I think the entire thing is somewhat amusing it is a weakness.  Many a photographer has been horrified at my lack of caring about light.  I do not need to have their rules or thoughts on light.  At the same time light directs people somehow.  In this case of this picture the light directs you to the 15.  15 happens to be the perfect wattage for light bulbs in my world.  It is a darn good thing I do not expect anyone to be illuminated by this post.


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