Modge Podge .. because it feels good to say those words.


Today’s picture is brought to you by acrylic paint, painters tape and spray paint with a little additional help from Modge Podge.  Now, how many of you are wondering what Modge Podge did in this?  I love Modge Podge.  It is ever so useful.  The problem is if I told you what it did in the making of this painting I would be giving away my one and only painting trick.  I just can’t seem to let that one go for now.  So I will leave that idea glued (pun intended) inside my brain.

This painting was photographed as a part of another project.  I love to multitask.  So while I needed these colors for a constructive art piece I wanted the painting for a painting piece as well.  I am in love with the colors on this piece.  As a result I am being careful in finishing that last part for the painting project.  This is one I actually intend on hanging in my own home.  Painting something this colorful really helps me on the constructive art front as well.  I need to learn more about seeing the constructive art in color in my head. 

The biggest thing I have learned so far is that when working with digital files they feel colder and colorless to me.  When working with paint it’s colorful and messy.  By incorporating my paintings into the constructive are I manage to find a way to make the cold and colorless feeling go away.  So does that make me a mixed media artist?  I have no idea if it does.  I guess I will spend a few hours on Wikipedia researching that classification.


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