I love pictures that have a catch to them.  Oh the fun and color of the kites…. Oh wait its winter.  Psyche!

It’s a great reminder of the world of almost but not quite. Most of the time I hear people get frustrated over this type of situation.  My view is that almost but not quite means you are close.  You have something to look forward too. I am looking forward to summer and kites.  I am glad I have reminder that I have something to look forward to. 

Having something to look forward to can and will get anyone through all kinds of rough things.  It adds fun to life.  There is also the added benefit of anticipation.  Some might even say a sense of excitement. Once you have that sense of excitement you can even find ways to improve upon the original idea.

My pictures even have the same element to them.  If it is an amazing picture but not quite there I know that I am about to make a phenomenal picture, it is just not there yet.  It will be though.


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