Comfort and the holidays



I could talk about the holidays on this picture.  The holidays though are a personal thing for everyone.  Everyone has a view. Everyone is entitled to their view, feelings and whatever else goes into their traditions.  It seems to me that talking about them is limited when it is just my perspective.

I think that is why I choose this picture for the holiday one.  It has a unique perspective in it.  The reflection is of a brilliant place called The Soup Otzies.  It is the best soup in the city.  It is also another example of distortion.  I find a ton of comfort in soup.  After a few challenging days at my normal job … that comfort was wonderful.  In the end I think we should all take comfort in whatever ways we know how during this time of season.  Besides that we should be gearing up for New Year’s resolutions.  I know I have mine.  How about you?


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