Subtle Differences


There is not much I like about winter weather.  Frost on the car windows is one thing I love.  No two pictures are alike.  It does not take much to add a twist to it.  In this case it was just the fact that the car lights were on.  Those lights added something. 

It is the point where once again nature out preforms anything on the creative front.  I will never tire of taking these pictures.  It brings to mind another artist who takes pictures of oil splotches.  There is so many things that you can take pictures of that will never be the same, much like snowflakes, each on individual and unique.   I like to see the subtle differences. 

Much like I learned today those subtle differences CAN and DO lead to a unique situation.  I have to be honest today’s event do somewhat cloud my blog post today.  I guess you will just have to wait to see tomorrow’s blog to understand why.



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