Cats and excellent timing!


We, cats and I, do not get along.  They love me because they know they can kill me.  This kitty though is a special one.  I agreed to feed and water two cats for the same person who “wrapped” my office at work.  Imagine my delight at being asked to do this 25 minutes after discovering my office.  Of course I agreed!

There are several thoughts that are light-hearted on this picture.  I will brave the cats for people I care about. (It after all, my son by another mother and his lovely girlfriend) I was delighted to know that in my “wrapped” state I was still asked to do this.  Unfortunately all I can say is I behaved accordingly.  I was given wonderful, calming and soothing advice on how to “deal” with the situation of being wrapped.  I could not have behaved as well having free reign on said apartment without this wonderful advice.

Its heartwarming to me at this time of year to know I got there back just like someone else had mine in this situation.  In the end, it was for the benefit of the kitties.  I was really surprised however to be able to get such a charming picture while there.  It is not asif this cat is watching over ever move so that he could report back to his Mommy and Daddy.


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