The Power of Girl Talk and Maker’s Mark


I have been accused of being overly focused on getting shots and having my camera with me at almost all times.  In an effort to lessen the pressure on myself I am trying to not be so focused.  I have a great friend that I know meet up with once a week for some amazing girl talk.  It just seems to me that a few drinks and girl time is a great time to be less focused.  It is good to remind one’s self that taking a step back will actually allow you to gain more perspective.   

When you get imbedded so deep into a mission you easily miss things.  My schedule can be ridiculously chaotic.  Knowing that no matter what I have this one night of the week that is mine is an enormous help.  It is a given that at least this night I will sit back and chill out.  While it may only be for a couple of hours it grounds me.  It is like Dr. Who’s fixed place in time.

God knows I would not be taking time to smell the roses but time for some girl talk and whiskey is a no brainer.  Walking away from the mission is good.  Having a friend that will drink whiskey with me is priceless.  I get done with these nights and feel rejuvenated and refreshed.  I always manage to work a few things out and end up with a better outlook.  In reality I am helping the mission by having some mission free time.


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