At one point I was swearing at these trees


I have been told that to truly photography anything really well you have to get past the point of anger and even hatred.  You have to photograph it so many times that you are truly enraged at the idea of photographing it again.  Then you have to push past it.  This is particularly true when you want to convey something more than just a pretty picture.

See that little row of trees in the back of the picture. Three years I have been trying to get them just right.  I have lost count of how many times I have taken photos of this row of trees.  The last subject that was a challenge to me was 136 times of shooting.  This one exceeds that subject by at least a year and a half of attempts.  So many disappointments, so many frustrations and so many failures are wrapped up into this shot.

I knew this last week that I was in an odd place.  I see myself changing and some of it is not always comfortable but it is for the better.  I know exactly what is causing this.  It is the one thing I had yet to face that I knew was going to be a challenge.  That mentality is what led me to this picture.  Good and bad sometimes get wrapped up together.  It makes me restless when I am facing myself and my inner demons.  So when I was doing my morning shoot I approached it differently because I was restless.  I looked over and BAM there it was.  The kind of shot I wanted and had never even thought of doing with these trees.

There are numerous things that happened in that instant.  I got the shot.  It was a valuable lesson once again in looking at the same thing differently.  I realized that I do actually have patience.  It is there inside of me.  If I did not have that patience then I would never have tried again and again for this shot.  Anything worth having …..


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