And then it became a Rob Zombie kinda day.


Once a month or so I am going to post as the POD picture an artistic work.  It’s the accumulation of the POD and what actually happens after the POD.  Yesterday was the day for that.  I was in a foul mood. It was one of the worst days that I had in a very long time.  It turned into the day that everyone who could possible say something to me that was upsetting or do something that was upsetting did.  In short I started the day out being overly sensitive.  And then, I ran into my ex.  We made peace a short time ago.  In the spirit of that I said Hi.  Big Mistake. 

So here I am feeling overly sensitive, having a horrid day going on a photo shoot after running into my ex. who by the way decided he could still tell me what to do and how to do it on a day I was already feeling sensitive.  This is not going anywhere good right? While there is obviously more to the entire story you get the gist of it.

I unloaded the camera.  I cranked Rob Zombie.  I got into a zone. I created this POD/Art  picture.  One would think that would help to pour it all out into a creative piece.  This is one of those rare times I came out of it feeling like I am still a tortured soul.  I guess we are all tortured somehow.  I know that creating things means digging deep.  I was surprised at the anger I found today digging deep.  At the very least this one thing is good:  I know where it is coming from.  I know how to get past it.  It was just not going to be yesterday that I got past it.  Yesterday was the day for feeling it, accepting it and hating every minute of it.  How can a picture I like so well come from such a bad personal place?  It’s moments like this that I hate art as much as I love it.


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