Black and Whites and New Influences


Moody Black and Whites

I have been watching a two people for a little bit.  They have the most stunning black and whites I have seen in a long time.  These two people have moody, thought provoking and subtle black and whites.  I really want my work to be more like theirs.  Gaining new influences is awesome.  The one person is a blogger his blog is  Stuart Hyde inspires me a ton.  I highly recommend if you have not already run across him to check his blog out.  I find it to be one of my favorites out there.  The other person sadly is a Facebook friend that I will let remain unnamed until such time that he seems to want the attention. 

This is one attempt at making a black and white more moody.  I can see some room for improvement.  It is also a picture that was meant to help me work more with light.  This picture was partially happenstance and partially created.  I added the block of wool wrapped soap to it just to see how it would change the idea around.  Experimenting is wonderful you can do whatever you want and it’s ok.  Actually I think all artistic endeavors should have experimentation or at least the attitude of do whatever you want.  Nothing is wrong and at the same time nothing is right.  Take that sentence for a literal meaning and it becomes limitless.


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