Ahh the myth of the perfect plan



Ahh the myth of the perfect plan!

You can have a perfect plan.  Rarely does it work out.  If you are so focused and unbending on that plan or idea you can and will miss amazing things.  I had a plan for a picture of a house boat yesterday.  When I say house boat I mean one that is on land.  The house was built like a boat.  It is nowhere near water.  That plan will have to wait because I came across this first.  I intentionally blurred it a bit because that is how the day was.  Blurry and cold with a nip in the air that makes your eyes water being out in it was the kind of morning it was.

This steam rising up was the only good thing about how cold it was.  How cold you ask? -8 degrees was the low.  Can you imagine if I had stuck to my plan?  I would have been out in that for at least 15-30 minutes.  Ick.  This picture was so great for the day and so beautiful.  It appears the world had a different perfect plan for me. 

I guess at the moment that about sums it up for me.  The world has things in store for me.  I have hints of them all over the place.  I am a planner.  The best plan though includes letting things happen when and how they should.  Doing a picture a day for so long I can tell you that the world is stubborn and will not be rushed.  Every once in a while though that same world tosses grand things at you.


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