Happy New Year!


I find that the New Year is less about resolutions for than it is cleaning up my different lists of various things going on.  I clean them up and sort them out and in some cases toss some out.  It is something that a person with an over active mind has to do periodically. 

Working on Black and White photos is staying.  On the other hand working on two ideas for a book (both either done or getting there) is going on the back burner.  I am just not as committed to these two things.  Commitment does equal the quality of your end result.  Without it failure is imminent.  Failure is not an option for me.  I try my best to ignore failures very existence other than times where there is something to be learned from it.

Then again if there is something to be learned it is really not failure, rather I would call it education and there for worthy.  Anything you set out to do must be worthy and the commitment must be there.  If not you are being unfair to yourself and the project.


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