More of the same with a different view


I am not sure if this reminds me of a class room or a cafeteria in high school.  Either way it makes me uncomfortable.  The most insecure times I have ever had revolve around both of those areas.  I do however know that facing your insecurities means letting them go and no longer having that negative feeling.

Today I can say this is a very appropriate picture.  I am uncomfortable with a few things that are making me face some insecurity.  Now, today I think it is fun, back in high school, not so much.  I have two topics that are both far enough along in my life for me to know where they are headed.  They are not far enough along to ACTUALLY be there. 

It is an exciting time.  I am glad I can enjoy it.  Back in high school I would more than likely have been catatonic with these two things.   

I also know that I loved the idea of this picture when I took it.  I took a ton of shots to get it just right.  The repetition, the light, and the idea of groups is what makes this picture have some soul.  That soul is exactly how I want to approach the next few months.


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