This ice cave took weeks to form.  I am here every day almost.  I was watching  for it, waiting for it and anticipating it’s arrival.  I find it funny how I can easily find things to anticipate in photography.  Being at this for almost two and a half years now on the POD I have learned to spot signs of things to come. I wait eagerly for them.  The moment it happens is always phenomenal.  These moments are also a little melancholy.  The moment has come and it has passed.  These ice caves get iced over quickly.

At times I am amused at the life lesson the POD teaches me.  It has taught me an abundance of lessons.  Anticipation is the gift of things to come.  It is the excitement that fills the room waiting for the arrival of the IT thing.  Anticipation should be cause for people to slow down for one second and enjoy the moment.  I find that when I do that with the POD I enjoy the moment so much more because I value it far more. 

It hit me yesterday that I have  two topics in my life that I feel anticipation for.  It was a liberating moment.  Suddenly the rush to be at the next stage of these things was gone.  The stress of wanting those moments to be here was replaced with the contentment of knowing they are coming.  Sure there might be a herd of elephants worth of tension in the air involved.  This feeling of anticipation is worth a stampede of elephants in a room.  It feels marvelous.  Knowing the POD taught me yet another lesson means that I will enjoy those two things when they are at the next stage even more than I would have before. 

On that thought I will leave you with this thought.  I know that I have referenced these two things repeatedly.  I hope that you will find some anticipation for the day I post them to the blog in a less vague fashion.


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