Big Boy and nature helping each other out.


This yard is one that I have attempted a few times.  It is so busy.  There is so much going on in this yard.  There is even a 57 chevy buried in the front yard.  It’s almost hard to find a picture in an area like this.  I am really a “parts of the whole” type of photographer.  I like to leave some things to the imagination.  That is incredibly hard in this yard.  It is about a quarter of an acre with a garage.  It is not very big by any means.  I can’t help but think that this home owner was born to be wild. (yes, queue up the music)

The snow is tall this year.  It added a barrier that did exactly what I needed it to do.  It gave me a focus point.  It allowed me to blur or dull down everything else going on behind the snow.  Somehow it becomes clearer because of that. 

A very smart person told me that everything you do in a picture should be with intent.  You should also know why you have that intent.  It was a great lesson that helped me with this picture. 

Once again nature stepped in to add what I could not.  That is a statement of appreciation and gratitude.  Especially as I take more steps for my solo show I realize more and more how much a roll nature has played.  It shows up in all of my constructive pieces in some way.


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