Big Payoffs and not so typical pictures.


This is a very typical shot for Milwaukee if you take out the ice and the ship coming into port.  I have never seen the ice and a ship here before.  In fact I have never seen a ship coming into port here.  This is not actually the port area.  What it is though is the entrance way to a rather large company that has a dock for a ship this size right outside the back door.

It was happenstance that I was in the area on a Sunday afternoon.  I had a meeting with the printer for the show in April.  His studio is right in this area.  I never miss a chance to go to this spot when I am in the area.  Imagine my delight upon seeing this.  I love working for the POD. I never moan and groan about having to work for it.  I will however squeal in delight when I do not have to.

To have an easy shot also be a rare shot was worth at least two extra squeals of delight.  You never know what the world is going to offer up.  Sometimes it nudges you and other times it rewards you.  I find that when you are doing things right the nudges and rewards happen frequently.

So far this winter I am striking the lottery on my path of embracing the cold winter. The payoff in my mind is huge so far.  If it stopped being easy, if I stopped getting things I have been waiting for and it all turns to work from here I will still be a happy camper.


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