Unexpected Fun at -40 degrees.


One of the things I do not talk about too much is how many photos it can take to get to A POD picture. Some days are more challenging than others to pick just one. Yesterday was such a day. This cold snap does something for picture that you can’t possible get any other way. They are crisper, sharper and clearer. Nothing is hanging in this dry cold air to mess with a picture.

It is also was also a day that I had two companions along for the ride. In reality one of them was doing the driving as my battery in my car cancelled on yesterday. It was a fun fun fun time. It is not often I shoot with other people. When I do it is pretty much my dad and one or two other people. I feel like it is not fair to subject others to my ways, they are unorthodox and all.

You can see here;


the pictures that did not make it as THE POD picture. When I have a hard time choosing I try and capture the flavor of the day. I had two lovely ladies from work with me. This picture describes the fun that we ladies had. That is why it got to be THE picture.

From time to time I do post an extra album of the pictures that did not make it. I do post on RosieH.Art (on Facebook) when I do this. Please follow that page if you would like to receive notices of these albums or just follow me, Rosie Hartmann, on facebook.


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