Crayons are the army of the true rebellion!


I often wonder why we have teaching creativity so wrong.  We box kids in from the start. Color in the lines, follow this pattern and draw this.  We make kids fall into a pattern of rules right from the start.  I call that a mood killer.  I have had to teach myself to think outside the lines.  The same lines I was taught to conform to.

Ok, let’s be honest.  I was always outside the lines.  The rules go far beyond what we are taught though.  The rules are everywhere.  Some days I create my own rules just to feel like I fall in line.  Then to be rebel I BREAK them…repeatedly!

I want to color on the walls with crayons that DO NOT wash off! I might go and do that tonight or maybe this weekend.  Know this though, I will do it.  Today is a day to rebel.  Every day is a day to rebel.  And that is what I get out of a box of crayons.  There is not 24 colors.  There is 24 colors times the number of places I can and will use them to draw outside the lines.


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