Soooo you want to have a showing?


Taking an idea and turning it into something like an art showing is not for the faint of heart.  This is just a sample of the questions you have to be prepared to answer and how I answered them.  Keep in mind that before I answered any of these questions I did research, lots of research.

How many in a series?

This is an easy one.  There are as many pieces as there are.  It changes. I add one or two and take one out.  It’s a living breathing number. Ask me tomorrow and it will be different.  I saw proofs yesterday as seen in the POD picture.  Sadly I was unhappy with one.  Unhappy is not ok.  It might not make the cut anymore.  Really?  It’s gone but when I did the final review with a friend we were convinced this one was a for sure! Hopefully the amazing printer that I have will save it by trying a different paper.

What type of presentation?

Framed of course! Well that is until the world nudged me and said framing is wrong wrong wrong!  Having an artistic group in New York view my work and tell me that framing was wrong was a great way to get nudged to a better way! Actually it was less of a nudge than a slap to the face being that I may have already had a sneaking suspicion that framing would take away from the work in general.  I ignored that thought UNTIL I got the slap to the face.

What is the meaning behind your work?

This is individual.  You as an artist must be able to put it into words, speak about it proficiently all while not doing the art work injustice.  My upcoming show is called “And then I felt….”   The intent is for the viewer to say that line before reading the title of each work and viewing the piece.  Hopefully if I have done my job right it will take you to a time and place that the viewer felt that emotion.  Don’t forget that is just the overview.  Each piece must be discussed proficiently in detail just in case some random viewer wants the information about the most emotional moments in my life.

Who are you?

Unbelievable! People actually want to know the artist?!? Is it not enough that I have shared my most emotional moments?  Okay. Fine.  They can know me.  But how do I get me across.  Facebooking, a blog, more pictures with fun commentary is a good start.  Wait!  People actually have to see it to read it! Also do not forget the dreaded video.  Yes that is right rather than your art being center stage, which is a nice comfy place to be, it’s you at the forefront in actual video!

How many of each print will you sell?

Research says 3,6,9,12,15 pick a number but know that it is actually possible unlimited editions of a work actually may sell more often but the real collectors, they like limited editions.  Research did not give me an absolute!  What now? Luckily for me I have this person in my life that either has psychic connection to my sub-conscious, is my soul mate OR aliens fed him information.  He asked me to name my happiest year when I was younger.  11!  Seriously?  11 has numerical power!  In numerology it means anything is possible. BRILLIANT! Problem solved.

This rush is never ending. It’s amazing to live by “I will treat all aspect of my art with as much care as I did in its creation”.  I would not have it any other way.  I am lucky to have friends who are helpful.  I am lucky to have the outlook I do on this.  It’s an adventure and as with all good adventures there are unexpected twists and turns. 


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