Nope, I am not a nature photographer


Time and time again I have said I draw from nature in my photography and art.  It is a very true statement that I do indeed do this.  Let’s be clear though.  I am not a nature photographer.  It just is not going to happen.  I will never be in the ranks of that sub group.  I shoot a lot of nature but only when it is convenient for me. 

I will never sit outside for the day on a 20 degree day waiting for a mole rat to peak its head out of the hole for a millisecond just to hope that I got the shot.  I will never be that person who patiently waits for the bird to land at the perfect spot while singing the perfect song and looking my way.  I will more than likely not brave insect bites, spider bites and other creepy crawly things. Certain weather will cause me to run.  Yes indeed some weather draws me in, that is not the majority of the time. 

This POD picture is my attempt at true nature photography.  I know my limits.  I do not need to challenge some of these limits.  Instead I choose to have some humor about said limits.  This is the best picture I have ever taken of a chickadee.   I love nature, I love to sit and learn about nature and I love to enjoy nature.  Why would I ruin that by becoming a frustrated stark raving made lunatic for a picture of nature? I love nature enough to not be a nature photographer.


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